Gates Announces 106 New Parts in October 2020

Overview of NEW SKUS

  • Accessory Belt Drive Kits 11
  • Accessory Belt Drive Pulleys 6
  • Coolant Outlets 18
  • Coolant Tubes 5
  • Electric Heater Control Valve 1
  • Emission Control Hose 9
  • Emission Control Hose Kits 1
  • Engine Crankcase Vent Valves 1
  • Engine Variable Valve Timing Sprockets 1
  • G-Force Red Line CVT Belts 4
  • Heater Hose Assemblies 3
  • Hydraulic Adapters 6
  • Polarseal Ii AC Couplings 13
  • Molded Coolant Hoses 11
  • Molded Heater Hose 1
  • Turbo Charger Oil Line 13
  • Water Pumps 2

Evolution of Coolant Hose

What type of coolant hose does your vehicle have?


2020 Gates Master Products Catalog Released

Gates 2020 Master Products Catalog hot off the press. In this catalog you can find information about all products Gates sells in the automotive aftermarket. This includes all of our Non-applicated products.


Which G-Force Belt is for me?

Refer to this chart to help select the best G-Force belt for your application.


Heavy Duty Products

Gates offers a diverse portfolio of premium heavy duty replacement parts. Keep your vehicle on the road longer with Gates products.


Timing Belt and Kits

Import or domestic, for nearly every make and model, Gates covers all of your automotive applications with Timing Belts and TCKs that are OE equivalent or better in service life and performance.